Friday, January 20, 2012

FF- another Destash update

Another Friday has snuck up on me  >.<

And for the record... once again I STILL don't have any jewelry made towards my challenge yet, despite plans and ideas. I DO however have tomorrow off, so assuming I don't get distracted and/or lazy again, I should be okay :)

I am still working on that stupid stuffed cat I had the *brilliant* ( extremely heavy sarcasm) idea to make for a gift exchange >.< I have the tail finished, the ears finished ... and the face sewn. Just gotta get it put together fully. Was going really good tonight until I suddenly stopped and realized...I had no clue how to get my ears where I needed them to be so they'd flip right when I turned everything right side out...*sigh* I know now, but...I don't wanna sew NOW >.< ( I was whining there... did you hear me? ;) )

Next time I get this urge to sew... please, please PLEASE some one tell to to at LEAST stick to something made of the fewest pieces possible? I mean...if I'd done this in two pieces, I have had NO trouble at all. But no... I had to be fancy >.<  Grr... if it didn't mean another trip to the store for more red felt, I'd totally start over and do it EASIER!! Hmm.... maybe tomorrow depending on the weather and how much I get accomplished jewelry wise.

Any how, apologies for the late post... even though it IS still Friday ;) I was going to post earlier this afternoon, but I got distracted, but hey ! I'm here now :)

And... here you go...
I believe these little tube beads mark the last of the beads for the destash. I'll be going through my pendants and charms next and will no doubt have a few to add in to the lot before I tally up all the comments and find out who I send them all to :)

Oh, and thanks to everyone for hoping my week got better. I'm happy to report that it definitely perked up :). While I'm sad to say it didn't perk up enough for me to win heaps of money and retire somewhere WARM, I'm over the crap; and while still prone to bouts of irritation over a certain young lady and her 'helping', that's reaaaaly nothing new ;)

I'm off to snuggle up under my warm fuzzy blankets and listen to music until I fall asleep :) I'll check in with you all again on Sunday :)

~ Skye


  1. Love the colors in the destash this week. You have my imagination flowing. I'm glad your week went better. Have a wonderful night.

  2. These are all great colors. I really like that. So I hop in.

  3. Those are really gorgeous colors!

    Fingers crossed that the weather is nice tomorrow and your jewelry muse is working!

  4. ooh those beads are yummy!

    i'd love to see this kitty you speak of when it's done :)

  5. I thought I had left a comment last week but I don't see it.

    Glad to hear that your week was better and hope the coming one is good also.

    Thanks for doing the destash. The red beads will come in handy for a Valentine's Day necklace I hope to make for a challenge.

    Are the other beads brown? I love to make brown necklaces and earrings, just can't get enough brown beads.

    Thanks again for sponsoring this.