Friday, January 13, 2012

FF- Destash update

Friday again :)
Tons of stuff on my mind but no will power to type any of it up, really. Been an up and down week emotionally, but nothing big time or serious, so don't worry ;)  Maybe I'll tell you guys some of it on Sunday with my challenge check in post since... my challenge is on the verge of fail this week >.< lol Tomorrow will be an earring making day to make my deadline lol

Anyhow, I've picked up some new containers and have been sorting through my beads and stuff the past couple days. Care to see what I've selected to add to the destash this week?

..I mean, considering that's why you're reading this today, after all ... ;)

How about some flat backs and a selection of glass beads? The smallest of the beads is 8mm , and the biggest is about 20mm from end to end. The flat backs are 6mm.
That medium blue round bead in the middle there has white and black polka dots on the sides... but the silly thing rolled over on me when I was taking the picture >.< lol Actually, it's a white dot with a yellow dot inside it then the black dot inside that... rather like a weird little eye ball.. lol  again, I had plans for these when I first got them, but after having them this long and not following through on those plans... time to pass them on to someone else.

Again, only my followers are eligible to win the detash. Comments on each destash post count as entries.


  1. Ok Skye, Your week sorted of sounds like mine. Lots going on, up and down, but I keep remembering that things will get better. Your destash collection looks interesting. hmm I thought that I would start decluttering but didn't get far. At least I know where things are now. Hopefully by Sunday, I will get at least one necklace done. At least I did start picking out the parts for it. Take care. Andra

  2. I didn't get anything done this week. And beads will be stubborn, especially when we want to photograph them or show them off. LOL
    I did get to go to Austin yesterday though and pick up a couple of things I needed to start playing with my new Copper metal clay. Hoping to get a challenge piece done by next weekend.

  3. Skye,

    Sorry to hear last week had its ups and downs. Hopefully this week has been better.

    I have never worked with flat backs, guess this will give me the chance to. Not sure how I would use them but willing to give it a try.

    Thanks for doing the destash.


  4. You can tell that mine was wacky considering I am just now coming across this post. I am hoping this last week was better for you also.