Friday, January 27, 2012

F.F. winner & Final Destash !

Welcome to Friday :) for once I can enjoy Friday as it was meant to be enjoyed .. as the end of the work week. Yes, I have the weekend off! Wow, huh? An entire weekend! ( yeah, I'm waiting for the phone call to ruin it too ;) lol )  

Actually, there's no need to cheer too much, since I have quite a bit of time off this coming week >.< I got cut a shift, so I have the week end off, work Monday... then I'm off until Friday when I'll work straight through the weekend and into the next week. 

Down side - smaller paycheck... unless I get called in to cover which is a distinct possibility.

Upsides - 1- plenty of time to work on my challenges and get both my jewelry AND my art challenge finished, plus maybe even get the ABS January challenge done before the deadline..>.<
               2- If I feel like getting up before noon and braving the weather ( which is supposed to be all freezing rain/snow/ YUCK), I can go to the Farmer's Market on Saturday :)
               3 - If the weather isn't really crappy and I can hitch a ride, I can head to my parents for the day on Sunday... AND, if not, I can try to hitch a ride on Tuesday and spend a day or two with them instead... IF things work out. It never fails that when days line up for me to be able to take off for a bit, either the weather doesn't cooperate, I can't hook up a ride, the times doesn't work for where ever I want to go, or I have packages due to arrive. This time, I have packages due to arrive ( some yummy gemstone beads and things, plus a surprise from Anvil Artifacts for cracking her up with my comment on her blog.)  I can however ask my land lady to collect anything that arrives for me and leave it inside where it'll be safe... it just means I can't play with them until I get home :(  PLUS the weather  report does NOT bode well, at least over the weekend.  I'll just have to see what happens. Maybe I'll get working away on stuff and decide not to run away after all.

... huh...kinda went rambling there, didn't I? lol 

Anyways, Congrats go out to Shaiha of Shaiha's Ramblings . She won the bracelet from January's Freebie Friday. 
I would also like to take this opportunity to say that I flippin' LOVE using Rafflecopter ! It was super easy to set up and it ran itself :) I highly recommend it to any one doing a giveaway :)  I just signed up ( for free ), chose some pre-made lines, and added a couple of my own for the raffle form, set a end date, then copy and pasted the link onto my blog post. Rafflecopter kept track of every entry made, and when it hit the end date, locked it down. I went in and checked out the entries to make sure they were all valid, then clicked on the button and Rafflecopter chose a winner for me :) 

Alrighty, now onto the big one :)

This is the LAST EDITION to the destash giveaway !

Two pendants ( that enameled one is actually a very pretty blue.. the flash just kinda 'blahed' it ). That one is 45mm  x 35mm, so you get an idea of the size of them. 

And one big beautiful wooden bead that just screams 'focal' to me. I have a bunch of these, but have plans for them... I just figured I'd share one ;)

So this blog post is the last chance for my followers to get in one more entry. Make sure you take a look back at all the blog posts that feature destash items and check to see if you commented ;)

On Sunday I'll announce the winner, so you only have until ... oh we'll say 12 pm EST on Sunday. 

For a recap, one person will receive all of this.., you never know... since it'll be arriving in time for V-Day, I may just decide to toss in some extra little goodies while packing it all up ;)

In case any of you are bored, I did an extra blog post on Tuesday where, after I did some sleep-deprivation-inspired rambling, I posted a bit of my fiction. It's something different from my usual writing style, but for some reason that was the piece I decided to share first. You can just click HERE if you want to check it out.
It also has a bonus drawing of mine included ;)

I think maybe I'll try doing  something different here... I'll see if I can't get it rolling over this next week and if so, I'll try my hand at writing a special 'series' just for you ladies that I'll share a piece of each week. I'll just have to peel myself away from the supernatural side of things and see what my muses can come up with ;) Perhaps something fun, with a touch of romance, a bit of danger tossed in... and I think because most of us share a love of beads and jewelry, I'll have to find a way to work that in there too ;) If I can meet my challenges over the next few days, as well as complete two little projects that NEED to get done and in the mail, I shall turn the muses loose on your behalf :)

... crap... now suddenly I want to doodle comics again...  >.< lol WRONG MUSE!! lol

Alrighty, enough! I shall leave you all to your commenting and will post again on Sunday! :)

~ Skye


  1. So glad you have the weekend off. Now get down to your challenge and complete your challenges. I know you can do it. Off weekends are great because they give you time to recharge the juices for the next week.
    I like the focals in your destash this week. Thank you for selecting them. I'll check your blog out on Sunday.

  2. Hope you get a chance to get out to see the parents because of your time off. Sounds like you might be able to get your challenges done without the rush to finish that you have had the last couple of weeks.

    Thanks for adding the focals to the destash this week.

    Have a nice weekend and time off to recharge.


  3. *peek* *enters?*

    >.> I'm late for everything. Hi anyway! XD