Sunday, January 8, 2012

Challenge Check up!

Alrighty :) It's Sunday.. and boy am I glad it's Sunday. Despite the fact that it means there's no buses running and I had to walk all the way home in the cold and I didn't wear my long johns today,.. and wow...reaaaaly could of used them today >.<  anyhow, as I was saying, really glad it's Sunday because that means tomorrow is Monday... and I have Monday OFF!! :D 


This has been a loooong week, peoples. Very very long. Way too many predawn wake ups in a row. We're down two people at work which doesn't sound like a lot, but they're both among our small selection of day staff. So we're trying to run regular two-person shifts with just one person whenever we can and I've even gone in for a few hours first thing in the morning on my last day off just to help past the rough spot so it could be handled as a one person job. I think the only way we're surviving is due to it being a slow time of year and production being a bit less then normal. If this had hit any other time of year we'd be SO screwed right now >.< And there's no end in sight ... the one is off for the next few weeks since she's out of the country, and the other may be needing surgery... so...*sigh* .. the pay checks will be a bit nicer for the next while, but I'll be either catching naps after work or going to bed early a few nights a week... and no doubt getting a bit crabby over it all. No worries though, I'm still good for chocolate ; 3/4's of a box of brandied cherries, a few Bailey's chocolates, half a box of After Eights and two chocolate creme eggs. I think between those and the three bottles of wine in my fridge I'll survive alright ;)

   But you know what the best part of tomorrow is? No alarm clock tomorrow !:) I don't have to get up before the sunrises. I probably will anyhow, but..I don't HAVE to and that makes ALL the difference in the world ! :) I'd proclaim it a jammie day and lounge around in my fuzzy pajamas all day but unfortunately I have to run some errands and do laundry >.< 

Okay, enough of my babbling. If I don't cut myself off right there and get down to business, I'll start bitching about stuff and I'm not in the mood to bitch right now ;)

So, how's my Productivity Challenge going? Touch and go for a bit this first week, but I got my three pieces done :)

The first one I did is one that's been niggling away at my brain since just before Christmas. I used two large glass 'pitted pearl' beads, along with some 8mm purple glass beads that have a satiny soft finish to them. The pretty focal is one I won from Wild Roses & Blackberries . I believe she made it herself and I am so lucky to have it since she doesn't sell the components she makes :) I've been hoarding my special little stashes for 'that perfect project' and for this one, this was it :)

It was Friday by the time I finished with the necklace and I knew I wasn't going to get enough time to get much more done, so I rounded out my three with a couple pairs of earrings. The left is crackled glass and little black lampwork with flowers. The others are also lampwork, but are a purple with a bit of green and gold swirl through them that the camera didn't pick up very well, but is the reason why I added the green glass bead and little gold beads to go with them ;)

As for my art segment of the challenge, nothing in the works yet, but that part has a month to get done so I'm still good ;)  How are you guys coming along with your  self-challenges?

Oh, and before I forget. I teased my followers on Friday about a kit to be added to the detash pot ;) Here it is. I found this back in the fall and tons of ideas came to mind, but ... nothing came of them and this has sat untouched on my shelf ever since >.<  I believe they're acrylic but someone ripped the top half of the tag off so I can't tell for sure >.< I also don't know how old the kit is. I haven't seen these in any of the stores in the region however...if any one knows, speak up!   Even if you're not into using these types of beads yourself, it's all in one little kit so you can always pass it on to someone else :) Perhaps you have a little beader in residence who would enjoy creating along side you ;)

As always, all comments on detash posts count as entries for Followers ;)

there. I've done my blogging obligation... now I should go warm up my fingers with a cup of coffee and clear off some space to see about making something for the ABS monthly challenge :)

                                            ~ Skye


  1. I like the necklace and earrings. Good Job on the creativity challenge. I am a little behind this weekend. I chose to clean out my bead closet (HAHA), spent two days on it and it looks the same. At least I know where things are now. By next weekend I will definitely have a necklace completed.

    I like your destash box. It looks interesting. Coffee sounds good also but I think that bed is in order for me. Night.

  2. You are doing better them me on your challenge. I just finally got my studio back after having one of the walls drywalled and painted. Plan on starting on it tomorrow.

    Oh and in recking my studio I found some necklaces I made a few years ago. What really surprises me is that they are ones that I would sell today.

  3. Oh, what a pretty necklace you made with my focal! And the bracelet you made with the yarn looks very nice too (found it in the gallery). I'm glad to see you found a use for them. It's so fun to see what others can make with some of those beads I etch.

    Sounds tough at your work. Hope things will be better soon.

  4. Oh, goody more beads to win. Have an idea already for the use of these new beads. Hope I have a chance to try it out.

    I like your necklace. I like more of the simple lines in jewelry. To me so much easier to match what you can wear it with.

    Sorry to hear about the stress at work. We have had the same shortage of people as one of the gals retired the end of September and her replacement is not quite up to speed. Hope it improves for you.