Sunday, February 12, 2012

Challenge Check In

Well... it was bound to happen sooner or later...

This week was a challenge failure >.<

Other things through out the week left me unable to bring myself to work on jewelry and so I left it for the weekend. I had the entire weekend off so there shouldn't be any trouble.

Friday, as you may have read in my last post, started off with some bad luck. That bad luck seems to have carried over throughout the entire weekend where jewelry is concerned >.< Every piece of jewelry I've made this weekend has failed... right at the end of it.

I made three different bracelets for the '7000' blog hop... and each one went great until I 'finished it' ...

The first one, done with chain, apparently had, not one, but THREE links stretch just enough to lose the dangles..I've found one of the missing dangles so far >.< When I find the other two I'll replace them and go over all the links to make sure they're secure.

The second one... done with hemp cord, ended up with one of the middle metal beads getting switched with a crimp bead.. and it getting squished >.< AFTER I cut the ends and secured it. I'll take it apart and make it again from scratch, this time making sure my beads are BEADS.

The third one, made on stretch cord.... had the nice and secure knot... turn out to not be quite as secure as it had appeared to be when I attempted to hide it inside my focal bead. When the tip says to 'pull it slowly and gently'... pull it EXTRA slowly and EXTRA gently >.< So...I'll take THAT one apart and restring it too. This time, I'll ignore the instructions and let the glue on the knot dry COMPLETELY, then add a bit more before pulling it inside the stupid bead to hide it >.<

The multi bead, multi dangle earrings I tried to make... kept coming up missing dangles... which I'd find on the floor caught in the rug... or having beads vanish off the end of the headpins.. somehow... still not sure how that happened since when I check, they won't slip over the end ... O.o

Two bracelet tutorials I'd seen and thought saved for me to play with and do my own versions on... vanished. I have searched every file, every link and every blog that I come across these things and can't find them ANYWHERE.

I know that as soon as I do something else and forget about them, I find them no problem. *grumble* Stupid Murphy and his stupid laws... *grumble*

So... considering how this has been going, I think it's a VERY good thing I didn't get around to pulling out my paints... that would have been disastrous no doubt >.<

In light of my utter bad-luck-induced challenge failure this week, I will endeavor to have these three repaired and finished as well as three new pieces (at least) for next Sunday's check in >.<

Today however..I have put away my beads, and refuse to give in to temptation to 'try one more time'. My patience is utterly frayed. I even yelled at the bird for refusing to be quiet no matter what I did for him, and finally covered him up and shut him in another room.. in the dark.. where after a while, he finally stopped the high pitched, ear drum piercing shrieking and went to sleep *sigh* I love the feathered pain in the ass, really I do... but this has not been a good weekend for my nerves apparently. I think it's long past time for me to open one of those bottles of wine in my fridge and have a glass after supper. Maybe two... as long as I don't blog, or comment on certain peoples pages afterwards I should be good ;)  If I'd gotten around to cleaning my bathtub like I'd been planning this weekend, I'd go have a bubble bath, Not until that bath enclosure has undergone major scrubbage >.< I have been putting it off for far too long... *sigh* I'd go do it now, but considering how my day is going..I'd probably end up hurting myself somehow. Best not to tempt the Fates to extend this streak back outside the realm of creativity...

*sigh* well.. better luck soon, I hope. I'll let you all know later on this week how things are going!

Oh.. and by the way... when entering ANY of the Freebie Fridays through Rafflecopter .. if you click on an entry option... you actually have to DO what it says. Such as 'leave a comment'. This is twice now I've deleted entries stating that they left a blog comment.. and didn't. so far all the tweets, 'likes' 'shares' and what not have been done, but for some reason, people are having trouble clicking the 'leave a comment' entry and then actually 'leaving a comment'  lol  I check these things ;) no cheating! lol



  1. I feel your pain. I learned not to tumble certain chain -- I now have rust. Nice.

  2. Not my weekend either. I did manage to get a pair of earrings and a bracelet done but now I can hardly use my right hand/arm. So much for the second bracelet that I was planning.