Friday, February 10, 2012

Freebie Friday... the 13th??

 No... still working on the 2nd F.F. of the year... but today was like MY Friday the Thirteenth >.<

It started off with me opening my door... and damn near breaking my neck. I should've just gone back inside, locked the door, called my manager and told her I wasn't leaving the house today and she'd have to find someone to cover my shift >.< but I didn't, of course... silly me.

How did I almost break my neck? Ah.. well.. you see, my landlord is having the second floor apartment renovated. I live in a three story house that's been divided into apartments..I'm on the third and share the lobby and stairs with the second floor apartment. Yesterday the workmen decided to leave their stuff here... and rather then leave it in the apartment they're working on, out of the way... they left some stacked on the landing outside my door, blocking off my access to the stairs... and scattered all over the lobby, blocking off my access to the front door. Needless to say, Their boss is getting a phone call from me as soon as my landlord gets home for me to get their names off of him.

Anyhow, five o'clock in the morning, I open my door and step out into the dark hall ( the light switch is two steps away so I always shut my light off as I leave my apartment rather then go back and do it ) My foot doesn't even clear my doorway when it smacks into something solid, then when I step over it, I hit a second something and damn near end up down the stairs. I get the light on to find the tool boxes and curse softly all the way downstairs... to see that I need to pick my way across a huge mess of more tools to leave the building. Needless to say, if there'd been a fire and I'd have had to leave that building in a hurry, I wouldn't have made it. As it is, I'm lucky I made it out with just some bruised toes.

Then I get to work to find that the boy who trays up my frozen dough, messed up and I had to rearrange everything before I could even get started >.< *sigh* 

THEN ...I see a really low number of kaiser buns... when I'd been told on Wednesday that there was an order for a LOT of kaiser buns for today... I take a quick look at the order form to make sure it doesn't say cancelled, and nope...hasn't been cancelled. so I start up the cursing again as I leave off my work to haul out the rest of the buns needed for this order and quick thaw the frozen dough so it'll stand a chance of being done in time.... Every thing's going good... The dough is working nicely, the buns will be done in time...


...  and then I go to take the order form up front.. and see that she didn't take an order for KAISER buns like she'd told me...she took an order for CRUSTY buns >.< So now I have an extra fifteen DOZEN kaiser buns that we don't need >.< Luckily, it's NOT MY FAULT lol I have a witness that HEARD her say she had an order for 15 doz KAISER buns. If it HAD been for kaisers, I totally had that baby covered ! lol So... we put Kaiser buns of special today >.< lol

Luckily, that seemed to be the end of the bad luck for the day. the rest of the day went find, with me silently rehearsing my bitchfest should the workmen be here when I got home. ( BTW, I just got off the phone with my landlady.. and she said that they'd talk to them for me... this tells me they must have hired friends or something along those lines, and she's not happy with them. Kinda gonna miss out on bitching them out personally, but I know she'll let them have it in my stead ;) Of course, since they're not professionals for me to sic their boss on them, if they show up and do more work and don't offer an apology of some sort, I might have to chat with them too :) )

Of course, I had to grab some groceries before leaving work... they had coffee on sale so I bought two cans, And ice cream was on sale too.... so I was going to get Rolo... but they had CoffeeCrisp too... and it was such a shitty day....I bought both >.< They're small tubs! And it's not like I can sit down and pig out since I'm lactose intolerant and really shouldn't have ANY .. but... they're my faves... and I have my Lactaid...and a couple days off... I can eat my ice cream and be flatulent in peace. Some things are worth suffering for... Rolo and Coffee Crisp ice cream are worth it :)

In more cheerful news, I've signed on with the 7000 Bracelets for Hope Blog Hop. Tomorrow ( Sat. Feb 11th ) is the last day to join up! I've already got my bracelet design in my head and have my beads out ready to go as soon as I finish writing this ;)

Plus, I have my beads set aside for the Feb. ABS challenge.. it's just a matter of getting around to putting it together >.<  And no, I don't have any of my personal challenge pieces done yet either, BUT I have the week end off, so I'm still good :)  I do need to get started on my art project for the month though...I keep meaning to start but I need to clear some space on my desk first... and every time I start, I get distracted by my beads >.<

Alrighty..I think I've babbled enough.

This month's Freebie is located HERE . Remember to enter via the rafflecopter. If the widget doesn't load for you or you can't see it for any reason, leave a comment on the blog to let me know or send me an email.

Sarah S. - I sent you a couple emails from my blogger account, but I don't know if you got them ( one was form 'Graves' and the other from 'Skye' ). I accidentally deleted one of your rafflecopter entries! Please  enter the 'follow me' entry again, and remember, if you click on the 'blog comment' entry, you actually have to leave a comment ;) . If it won't let you reenter, let me know and I can enter for you, and just make a note in the entry that it's for you.

Hope everyone has a good week end! Have fun playing with your beads if you have no other plans :) I'm staying indoor this weekend ( aside from a trip to the laundry mat at some point), while a nasty winter storm blows around outside my windows. Hopefully, that means you'll see lots of jewelry finished on my Sunday post ;)

 ~ Skye

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  1. I am planning on sending off a bracelet also but I couldn't do the hop since I am making it for another hop that reveals on the 29th. And I am glad that you didn't break your neck.