Friday, February 17, 2012

F.F. Update

Friday again... and I have survive a rather.... interesting week. Interesting as in the Chinese proverb kinda interesting >.<

The bad luck that began on last Friday carried through the weekend, never getting REALLY bad.. just... frustrating and irritating. Then on Monday it peaked with me taking a nose dive into the sidewalk a block from home. again, bad but not 'really' bad since nothing broke and I was only a block from home. I bruised both knees and bloodied my nose; got a small cut on my forehead, and a scrape on my one knee and the bridge of my nose. My bad knee is still hating me over it, making stairs rather uncomfortable and at times down right painful, but other than that, I'm fine.

My bad luck with my jewelry projects has also lifted... well.. somewhat anyhow. Enough for me to finish four bracelets. I didn't get the original ones fixed though, merely made different ones.. and I still haven't found two of the missing dangles from the one >.<  That said, I do like those designs and will try to get them working better another time.

Last week I was supposed to announce a new winner of last month's F.F., since the original winner never claimed it.. but I forgot >.< So I'll do that now :)  Chosen from the original posts comments, Carolyn is the new winner of the bracelet and has two weeks to contact me :)

Once again, when entering the giveaways with rafflecopter... remember.. just clicking the entries is not enough. you actually have to DO the things you're claiming by hitting that entry button. If you click the entry that says ' leave a blog comment'... you actually have to LEAVE A BLOG COMMENT  lol If you don't DO what that entry says... it doesn't count. PLUS,  once I delete that bogus entry, if you DO do it, you can't re enter.

Before I set rafflecopter to chose a winner of this months giveaway, I WILL go over the entries and delete any bogus ones.  I think the next one I'll just delete that option for an entry.

So ... if you haven't entered yet, pop over and get your entries in for your chance to win your choice of a geode or two pairs of earrings -> Freebie Friday #2 .

In other news,  Suburban Girl Studios is putting together a design team :) If you're interested, check out her blog for a shot at joining! I've got my name in the hat ;) is having another giveaway, this one for a Russian Artist Pendant.  They have some gorgeous ones listed in their shop. I'm not into the portrait types, but there are still tons that I do love :)

BeadingArts is hosting a giveaway as well, for Tagua nut beads :) And wow, are they nice! ME WANT :)

I can't remember what else I was going to mention, so... if I remember, I'll mention it on Sunday...if I don't, I won't ;)

~ Skye

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  1. I think that's me, I think that's me that won the bracelet. Yeah!!!! Thanks so much Skye.

    I have been having troubling trying to get the blog comment to work on the Freebie Friday #2. I click to enter a comment and nothing happens, so I just click the enter button and the other questions have popped up.