Monday, February 6, 2012

Fire Cat

What began as a 'simple' urge to sew a 'simple' felt plushie for a gift, became a month long trial in patience and perseverance.

Since I have this innate ability to do everything the hard way, and an inability to follow directions or instructions, I had to design my own plushie. As many of you have heard, I can't sew. I have next to no experience doing this sort of thing....

However, the urge hit and I went along with it.

The cat was sketched out. Traced onto a pattern. Cut out of the felt. The head and tail were sewn... and everything was going great...

... which of course means right then it HAD to go bad >.< I kept running out of stuff I needed... then by the time I had everything, I had lost the urge to sew.

... and then, of course, as you've heard ( and seen ) ... I messed up >.< I did a last minute change from having a plushie that laid flat... to having one that stood up, which resulted in a head that no longer fit the body and ended up getting sewn on crooked.

Plushie sewing project take two! :) Simplified the design and cut back on the number of pieces... leaving the head, body and ears ALL ONE PIECE ..( well two counting the back, but you know what I meant ;) ) 

I got the face and details all stitched on the two halves, then added the tail, nose and whiskers... then drew a deep calming breath and stitched it together...

And tada! He is flippin' adorable if I don't say so myself :)

His tail is pose-able, and his body is weighted with plastic pellets ( that were sealed inside a plastic bag to prevent leakage). 

I debated on adding a collar with a little bell... but decided to quit while I was ahead ;) I packed him up and mailed him off to his new home :)  I just got word that he has arrived and is loved immensely already ... and is making all the other cats jealous ;)

Because I was so proud of myself for how well I did with him, I entered him in a contest.

Please drop in and vote for him :) He's number 54!

~ Skye

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