Monday, February 20, 2012

Challenge Check In

A day late .. sorry >.< 

Sunday got away from me and by the time I realized that it WAS Sunday and I needed to put up my post, I had run into a computer issue that needed to be fixed first... by the time I got that done ( I thought), It was late so I figured I'd just post in the morning...

... then this morning I discovered I hadn't fixed the problem at all and needed to do a massive scan and repair that took a few hours.. but DID fix the problem :) 

... and then I ran away to my parents place for the day instead.

So... despite it being Monday, here is my challenge check in :)

As you recall, last week was a total bust with me failing to meet any of my challenges. I said that I would double my challenge this week to six pieces, rather then the usual three.

So here you go :

This was going to be one of my '7000' bracelets, but I think I changed my mind. I haven't decided fully...I made several different styles, but one style caught my attention and I made a few different ones in it and I think I might just go with them.... therefore..I can show you the ones I changed my mind about :)

I went with a little blue glass heart dangle for my bracelets for the '7000' challenge.  This one is a triple strand ; chain woven with dark blue suede, a beaded chain, and gunmetal chain.

This was another originally meant for the '7000' challenge ( as you can tell by the little blue glass heart dangle ) The center is a little silver heart connector. 

And after making those two, plus four others, all in various shades of blue ( I got hooked and couldn't stop >.< lol ) I finally broke free and did some earrings in red and copper... a needed break from bracelets ;)

No you can't see my other finished bracelets because I need to save them for the '7000' blog hop reveal :p .

I was going to share a pic of two of my three 'need to redo' bracelets,'s all blurry >.< 

So... the month is fast drawing to a close, and while I will be making my '7000' bracelet challenge without a problem, and seem to be doing not too badly on my weekly jewelry challenges, It doesn't look good for the ABS challenge or the art challenge >.< *sigh* 

I hope you lot are having better luck with your challenges to yourselves :)

~ Skye

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  1. Oh heck girl I am way behind on jewelry. I made a set of earring for the ABS challenge but my pixie stole them. And of course this was before I took pictures. I did manage to also get my bracelet done for Erin's hop and that will also be donated to the Gene thingey. I will be so glad when I see the surgeon for my elbow.