Friday, February 24, 2012

F.F 2 -update

Alrighty... February's F.F. giveaway is almost over!

There are only 3 people who've entered so far so you still stand a good chance if you get your entries in!

Remember, you have a choice this month as to whether you want the geode or some earrings :)

I'm done with my '7000 bracelets of hope' bracelets.. having redone one of the ones I'd said I'd changed my mind on last post ... lol. I  will write up my hop blog tonight so it'll be ready to go tomorrow :)

I've started to take my photos at my window and putting the natural light to use. You'll have to let me know if you notice a difference in the quality.
 Unfortunately with the weather, taking photos outside isn't really an option. Wednesday the snow was blowing and visibility sucked for drivers.. and for us pedestrians it wasn't very pleasant either >.< Thursday it was gorgeous outside and half the snow melted away while I left my winter gear behind and wore my spring jacket outside...'s been snowing and blowing all day and all the snow that melted away yesterday has returned .. and brought friends >.<  Perhaps I'll venture outside with my jewelry and camera once Mother Nature calms down and decides on a season ;)

I work tomorrow so who knows what the weather will be like...I'll most likely either have to bundle up for the walk in then sweat to death on the walk home once the weather shifts... or enjoy a nice walk in and freeze the girls off during the walk home >.< I can totally understand why people around here head south during February... and I would too if I could afford the trip.. and thought I stood a chance of having weather that would let me actually reach the airport... with my luck you just KNOW a blizzard would hit and either stop me from reaching my plane.. or ground the plane ..>.< lol  Oh well...I'm afraid of heights anyhow ;)

Okay... rambling done...I have a second blog post to write tonight in prep for tomorrow so I'll run away and grant you all some peace for now ;)

Don't forget to pop back to the original FF#2 post and leave your entries with Rafflecopter. Everyone is welcome and I will ship it to you no matter where you are :) ( except maybe sending the geode to Australia... you'll have to check with your customs authority about the geode if you live overseas..I know Australia, at least, is picky about that kind of stuff >.< )

 So -> FF#2 Giveaway

later all! ~ Skye

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