Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Check in and FF Winner

Yes, I know I missed my last 'Challenge Check in' .. considering I'd just posted eight pieces of jewelry for the global genes hop, I decided it wasn't needed ... plus I was busy working on a new set :)

Remember those chip stone bracelets that I loved making for the hop? From the first one I had the urge to try out a similar design on a necklace... and Sunday I did.

Alligator Tears

A short while ago I came across this tube of shell beads called 'Gator Teeth'. they were such a beautiful creamy color I had to get them. Turns out it was a good thing I did since they were perfect for this set :)

I made every twist and wrap of that chain too... even the clasp :) My first handmade clasp... so proud :)

My ABS February challenge piece never got made...My little vintage peacock broach is still sitting here staring at me, surrounded by a few beads. The gorgeous lamp work I had set aside to go with him have been used in another project already :)

I mentioned on fb that I have a gift to make for someone. I'm part of a group called 'Artcrossing', where we submit a 'profile', (basically it's more of a wish list of stuff we like), then that's assigned to someone and they make a gift for us. You don't know who the person is, since you get their real name with their address, and you know them by a nickname in the group, so you can't contact them at all. At any rate, the necklace above was for one.. and it went so well, I finished it in just one night! Since I'd figured on a week for it, I was done reaaaly early.. so I asked for another one.  

This one I knew I wanted to do a charm bracelet... I just didn't know what OF... so I picked two themes and color schemes, then went through my entire stash, for both beads and charms, and tossed in some of everything that fit either theme... then looked at the two piles. I went with a sea life theme and currently have it about three quarters done. I have all the large beads wrapped in and the charms added... now I just have some smaller beads to work in, and the clasp to attach :)

I blame Lori Anderson and her Bead Soup. Ever since taking part in her last bsbp, when I'm truly stuck I do a test 'soup'... tossing things into a dish and seeing what sticks.It's also a lot of fun :) ... not so fun to clean up afterwards, but... oh well! If you get stuck for an idea one day, try it :)

So that's where I am jewelry wise this week.  Now, my monthly art challenge...

I'd decided to do a painting this time around. I'm done... but I don't know if I'm 'finished'... I've reached a point where it's got the look.. 'mostly'.. the way I want, but I feel the need to do 'more'... however... anything more I do... just messes it up. So for now, it's done and I shall put it away. Perhaps at some later date I'll give it another try.
Fiery Gaze

 I've redone her right eye about four times now... plus I'm not happy with the shading.. but it's really hard to figure out the shading for FIRE .. >.<  I need to choose easier subject matter  >.< lol

So my art challenge this week was a really crappy painting. Maybe I'll try a better one for March...I keep getting this image of a comic strip type project popping into my head though... not sure what I'll be doing with that >.<

Alrighty, so on to the big news. If you've popped back to the original FF #2 post, you've seen the winner posted on the rafflecopter widget.  For those who haven't, this month's winner is Shaiha :)  Shay, remember you have your choice of either the geode, or the two pairs of earrings :) 

Sarah S. - I figured out how to fix your entry, so you did have the full amount of entries you were supposed to.
Carolyn - you were minus one entry since you clicked an entry for adding a blog comment.. but didn't add the comment tsk tsk tsk lol

Check in on Friday to find out what's up for grabs for March :) I've redone the Rafflecopter options and removed a couple.. and trying to figure out how to word a new one... lol  I think I'll also be doing a second prize for most referrals again - I figured out how to have Rafflecopter select multiple winners :D hehehe

~ for those wondering why I only replied to some of the comments left on my last post, I did reply to ALL of them... I just answered the first batch through email, then hit some that didn't allow me that option, so I came to the blog... then just replied to the rest of them here lol

I've decided to leave you with some words of wisdom...


  1. I am going to have to check out the Art Crossing. It sounds like a blast though I don't know how long it will before I am going to be able to actually work on jewelry.

  2. And the geode please :) I have just the spot on my shelf for it.

    1. so noted :) I'll add packing that up to my todo list today :) Deviantart is a great community site, and Artcrossing is a great group :) No worries about not being able to start in right away... we've got members who've been with us form the start who've only sent maybe one gift in all that time.. and some that never did get around to it for one reason or another lol